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Improving the Patient Scheduling and Appointment Reminder Experience

Our features encourage patient-practice engagement at optimal times throughout the patient’s continuum of care.

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My Patient Messages includes


Appointment Confirmations
Patients expect to receive immediate confirmation of their appointment after it’s booked; they can be left wondering and become anxious when they don’t. Once the details have been finalized, we send an email or text confirmation to the patient shortly after the appointment has been booked.
Appointment Reminders
We offer a series of notifications based on patient interactions, thus maximizing attendance by engaging patients through carefully structured messages in the right language, at the right time, utilizing each patient’s preferred contact method: text message, phone call, or email. Options in the series are customizable, and include:
An Early Reminder
Typically delivered seven (7) days prior to an appointment. These are helpful when appointments are scheduled well in advance or when ample notice is needed for completing pre-appointment requirements such as lab work.
The Primary Reminder
Typically delivered two (2) days before an appointment. It can be highly personalized with specific instructions for the patient based on provider, location, and/or appointment type.
A Reminder Nudge
Typically delivered the day before an appointment, and always after the Primary Reminder. The Nudge can be sent to patients who have not previously confirmed or canceled and reinforces the importance of their response.
The Day of Appointment Reminder
Typically delivered the morning of the appointment. This reminder is great for patients who might have forgotten their appointment, despite previous reminder(s).
Appointment Cancellations
When inclement weather or other unexpected circumstances arise, you can effortlessly clear your schedule from anywhere. Just log in and choose the full or partial day, the provider or location, and the specific cancellation message you wish to include with your phone calls and/or text messages.
Post Appointment Follow-Up
Close gaps in patient care with preemptive and personalized post-appointment follow-up notifications that provide patients a summary of care, prescription reminders, health education, and treatment plan information. Patients can text-chat with your staff or dial 0 if they have questions.


Online Patient Scheduling
Include the provided Schedule Now links on your website, email newsletters, and social media pages to make it easy for patients to book or request their own appointments any time of day, any day of the year. Easily configured setup options ensure that patients book with the right provider and for the right length of time.
Recall Notifications
Automatically notify patients when they are due for continuing-care appointments using your practice- specific scheduling and delivery preferences. Patients can easily book or request appointments using provided Schedule Now links and can text-chat with your staff if they have questions.
Patient Reactivation
We identify patients who are overdue for appointments by monitoring patients’ visit history and recall schedules, and automatically notifies them of their need to set appointments and keep their healthcare on track. Patients can book or request appointments using Schedule Now links.
No-Show Rescheduling
My Patient Messages immediately contacts your no-show patients to reschedule them. Patients can book or request appointments using Schedule Now links. By automating this time-consuming task that might go undone otherwise, your staff will have more time to spend with the patients who did show up.


Public Review Generation
My Patient Messages surveys your patients and identifies those most likely to provide a positive public review. Our technology uses a Net Promoter Score monitor that automatically directs those patients to top sites such as Health Grades, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.
Patient Experience Surveys
My Patient Messages automatically surveys your patients right after their appointments, while their experience is still fresh. We instantly compile your patient responses, turning raw survey data into printable summary reports with graphs and charts showing results for an individual or all providers.
On-Hold Messages
My Patient Messages delivers accredited health and wellness information to patients who call your office and are placed on hold. Our professionally produced programming is updated monthly according to our SHARE calendar. You can easily add practice-specific messages that communicate important office policies and promote your practice and staff.
Patient Education Content
My Patient Messages relies exclusively upon accredited organizations and participating healthcare organizations to author patient education content within their respective areas of expertise. Content is completely refreshed monthly and is deliverable through customizable email newsletter templates, ready-to-use social-media posts, display ads in your practice’s patient portals, and professionally recorded on-hold messages.
Net Promoter Score
My Patient Messages makes it easy to understand and continually monitor how satisfied your patients are. Using our NPS survey template, your Net Promoter Score is produced by asking patients to rate the likelihood they would refer your practice to someone else, using a scale from 0 to 10.
Email Broadcasts
When you need to share some news, our email campaign builder makes it easy to reach your patients. We automatically maintain your patient list, handle unsubscribes and bounces, and track your success. Our reporting tools let you know everything you need to know, such as who is opening your emails.
Social Media Integration
My Patient Messages sends certified reviews directly to your social media pages, such as Facebook. Our ready-to-use post content has seasonal and holiday relevance as well as timely correlation with national health- observance occasions. You can even include our Schedule Now widget so patients can request or book appointments while visiting your page.


Task Management
My Patient Messages conveniently tracks patient-relationship management activity that requires staff attention. You can instantly see incoming text messages from patients, pending appointment requests, gaps in your schedule because of recent cancellations, unsuccessful reminder attempts, and high-probability no-shows. You’ll know which staff member is working on what and where things stand.
Waitlist Management
This tool detects cancellations in your schedule and automatically fills the vacant spots. Customizable settings ensure that patients will always book the appropriate type of appointment, with the right provider, and for the proper length of time. Use our top-of-the-list management capabilities to offer high-priority patients the first slots.
Text-Chat Conversations
When texting is preferable to calling, Text-Chat allows patients to communicate directly with your staff. There are no apps to install; incoming texts from patients appear in the Message Center. When you reply, the message arrives on the patient’s phone just like any other text message. The entire Text-Chat conversation is logged into the patient’s record.
Patient Updater
The daunting task of collecting and verifying patients’ contact information is done for you, automatically! Patient Updater fills in the empty fields in your records, obtaining each patient’s preferred address for email communications, the best number for phone reminders and text message notifications, and preferred language.
User Management
Each My Patient Messages account supports multiple users, with definable permissions that control how much of the service an individual user can access. These permissions can be mixed and matched on a per-user basis to achieve the ideal configuration that works best for your team.
Patient Records
My Patient Messages stores and manages data for all your patients in one place. You’ll have instant access to your patients’ contact information, communication preferences, and patient-relationship management history. A detailed, chronological log shows all reminder and notification activity, all text conversations, internal notes, and more.
Reports and Analytics
All of your patient-relationship management metrics are accessible from a single place. Get an at-a-glance and real-time view of the state of your practice for instant action. Presentation-ready charts and reports help you easily track all patient communication activity, appointments generated through My Patient Messages, survey results, and much more.